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Alternative Energy Finance

Get affordable Alternative Energy Finance. From wind-turbines to solar pannels and more, let’s make the world greener, together.

Experience the Power of Nature, with GreenFin

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What Can I Cover With Alternative Energy Finance?

Going Green should not be delayed because you can’t immediatley cover the costs, there are many small things you could do to help save the planet that don’t cost a lot of money, and for everything else, there’s GreenFin.

Alternative Energy financing options:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Cars/Bikes
  • Hydro Power Systems
  • Biofuel Systems
  • Wind Power

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How It Works

Follow our 3 step process! Need help?


Complete & Submit Your Online Application

To process your application, we'll need to collect some basic information, including; a quotation from your supplier, a copy of your RSA ID, proof of residence, proof of income (your most recent payslip) and a bank statement reflecting your salary deposits for the last 3 months.

We Assess Your Application

Once we've assessed your application we'll let you know what interest rate and repayment terms we can offer you.

Agreement & Acceptance

Upon acceptance of your finance agreement, we'll pay your supplier within 24 hours.

What Do You Need?

See what other documents we accept, view our FAQ’s.

Copy Of Your ID

Proof Of Income

3 Months Bank Statements

Proof of Residence

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