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GreenFin was recently invited to exhibit at the Cape Town Water Wise Expo on March 23, 2018. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the event and met some extraordinary people and companies doing great things in the water industry.

The exhibition was insightful and accompanied by interesting guest speakers who came together to share their ideas on how Cape Town could beat the drought crisis.

We got to hear from companies like Oasis Water, Every Grey Drop, Cape Air Water, Anton Bredell, the minister of local government, environmental affairs and development planning in the Western Cape, and many more inspiring speakers.

These speakers have adopted a ‘micro approach’ to our water crisis. This was very thought-provoking as their approach offered opportunity and saving to both private and public sectors: instead of a ‘macro’ solution for our city, such as moving a glacier from Iceland, they underlined that we could collectively produce a solution if every household or company employed their own water devices.

GreenFin is an advocate and lead participant in the green narrative, and we continue to do our part in conserving water and reducing our carbon footprint. GreenFin has joined forces with some great water-wise partners already and are making efforts to be more water conscious. Some of our partners include WETT, Easigrass, and Perfect Grass, to name a few.

The expo brought together businesses to showcase and demonstrate what they could do to help the people of Cape Town minimise water consumption and share ideas for saving water in the effort to defeat Day Zero.

GreenFin is an active participant in the water-conservation dialogue and we are proud to have been part of this event. We strive to make water more accessible and affordable to our local community. In collaboration with our partners, we hope to improve access to fresh drinking water to all.

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