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GreenFin Financial Services, a young emerging brand, has been awarded the “Gold Award” in the Business Green Economy Initiative Category
at the Eco-Logic Awards 2015, hosted by Enviropaedia and supported by the National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC).
The award recognises businesses that support the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa.GreenFin received the prestigious award, going
up against strong contenders that included Woolworths Good Business Journey (silver), Locomute (bronze), Cape Flats Life and GreenTower Eco-V.

In 2015 GreenFin financed over 100 households, contributing towards a carbon saving of over 550,000 kWh. In 2016 they are looking to go above and
beyond this number, as they extend their green finance solutions to more households across South Africa and partnering with more approved
renewable energy suppliers and installers.

Client Offering

What type of Green Energy solutions do you finance?

GreenFin’s goal is to provide people with the opportunity and financial solution to “GO GREEN” where they may not be in a position to afford
the large upfront capital investment. It is evident that consumers often overlook the long term benefits of going green when making decisions.
GreenFin Financial Services was designed to offer clients a finance option that carries both social and financial benefits, striving to offer clients
an alternative to the rising electricity tariffs in South Africa as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

This is done through the following means:

Where possible, GreenFin aims to structure repayments to closely match your electricity cost savings, thereby having little to no impact
on your monthly disposable income.

Business Partner offering:

GreenFin has over 800 partners in its renewable energy network, ranging from solar installers to sustainable housing providers, to a range
of otherrenewable energy solution providers. These companies have recognised the benefit of partnering with GreenFin due to its unique
value propositions:

  • Free client referrals from applications received on
  • Upfront payment of 100% of the installation cost directly to the business partner, improving their cash flow
  • Higher conversion rates, financing customers who would otherwise have declined quotations due to affordability

Looking to the future:

In 2016 GreenFin aims to extend their service offering to Small, Medium and Micro-Sized Enterprises (SMMEs), providing them with tailor
made financial solutions. In an effort to further extend their reach to other renewable initiatives, GreenFin is looking to partner with great
businesses that are pioneers in this area. This is evidenced by their most recent partnerships with Calore, Enel, Umnyama iKhaya,NVmyPower,
One Energy, SA Green Vehicles and Khanyaled.

GreenFin’s online presence and business model continues to prosper as they partner with likeminded companies that share a common vision
of making South Africa a greener, more sustainable environment

If you feel that you could benefit from GreenFin’s services, kindly contact them on or call their friendly staff on 0861 000 808.

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