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The phrase “Go Green” has become the buzzword in these modern times, proving that it has become essential now more than ever to take care of the planet. There are various reasons why this is necessary.

Something to understand is that every object or substance has an effect – either on yourself or the planet. Renewable energy is already available to all, yet because it is still ‘unknown’ in South Africa, it can take a bite out of your wallet when purchasing solar or wind energy solutions.

Going green can mean independence from certain grid tied resources, such as Eskom or municipal electricity, water and sanitation services. Each individual can make a contribution to saving the planet.

Go green with these simple and quick tips:

  • Go paperless and save the trees
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle when and if possible
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by taking a walk or grabbing your bicycle

If you are thinking of going green and adding renewable energy to your home or business, yet do not have the finances for it – don’t stress – GreenFin can finance you!