It’s the season to be jolly! Going green this festive season is the best gift we could give to our Earth. Get into the Christmas spirit, and be environmentally conscious this season. Let’s enjoy the festivities with our family and friends whilst caring for our environment. GreenFin’s gift to you this year is our top tips for hosting a greener Christmas.

Less is more

Instead of buying new decorations for your house and lunch table, opt for making your own decorations. Not quite sure where to start? Don’t stress we have you covered! Take a look at Country Living’s article for ideas and inspiration.

There is no need to spend all your savings on a huge Christmas feast. Ask each family member to bring their speciality dish to the Christmas table. When preparing your dish lookout for this season’s offerings and choose locally sourced produce and products.

Smart Gifting

Instead of purchasing imported goods, rather buy local, as this gives our economy a boost, and reduces your carbon footprint. According to Good House Keeping when buying local, you reduce greenhouse emissions and global warming as imported products have been transported from long distances.

This year, be different and look for gifts that have been made from recycled materials. Not sure where to buy your eco-friendly Christmas gifts? Well, Faithful to Nature, and All Women Recycling currently have some fabulous products to check out!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

There are many ways of reducing, reusing and recycling after Christmas. Instead of buying more wrapping paper this season, opt for going the creative route and reuse gift packing materials you already have at home. You could even wrap your presents in newspaper and dazzle it up with pretty ribbons. Take a look at The Huffington Post article for more ideas.

Save any gift wrap, ribbons, and bows, when unwrapping gifts that have been given to you. The gift wrap, ribbons, and bows can always be reused for presents the following year. If the paper is all crinkled, you can always iron it flat.

Always remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and Christmas is the time of giving. Choose green this year and offer unwanted goods to local charities, or sell it to make an extra buck – at the end of the day, it’s the season to be jolly.