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Welcome to the world of green, a GreenFin Financial Services blog dedicated to the effective communication and interaction between clients and suppliers. Here, you will be kept up to date with the latest news and information about GreenFin as well as the world of Green and how you can contribute to a sustainable planet.

Stay informed about new technologies, discover what is happening in the market and follow us at GreenFin as we help make sustainable living possible for all.

At GreenFin, it has become our goal to provide individuals and SME’s with the opportunity and financial solution to “GO GREEN” where they may not be in a position to afford the large upfront capital investment. While it has become evident that consumers often overlook the long term benefits of going green, we provide the platform to showcase top suppliers and their services to help consumers make an informed decision.

GreenFin is designed to offer clients a finance option that carries both social and financial benefits, striving to offer clients an alternative to the rising electricity tariffs in South Africa as well as reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the planet.