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Each one of us wants to live in a cleaner environment, but we often find there is not enough time in the day to do our bit. That is hard but certainly not impossible, there are many small ways we can all make a difference, whether we are at home, out or at work.

Here are GreenFin’s top 5 tips on living greener:

1) Use less paper
Do you find you go through countless amounts of paper during the day? Why not encourage your colleagues to start putting their old papers/junk mail into a designated recycling box? You can also take turns weekly to drop off your office’s recycled goods.

At GreenFin we are doing our part in living greener by recycling all our paper.

2) Be water conscious
Here in Cape Town, we are currently facing level 5 water restrictions and we all need to be more water conscious. Take 2-minute showers, refrain from washing your car, get a grey water system, replace your grass with artificial grass. Check out our previous blog for more info.

For quality artificial grass visit our reputable artificial suppliers here.

3) Reject the straw
Straws are currently one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution according to Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Plastic straws are known as one of the top ten items that are found on beaches, these straws go into our seawater and are dangerous to the marine wildlife.

You would be shocked to know according to Straw Wars they have estimated that 3.5 million straws are used by McDonald’s customers in the UK alone per day. In the US it is said that  500,000,000 are utilized per day according to Plastic Pollution Coalition. This is not good as most of the straws land up in the ocean and hurts our marine wildlife.

4) Cycle or carpool where you can
By using your car less, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Start carpooling with a colleague, try taking public transport where you can, in fact, challenge yourself to cycle to work once a week. The City of Cape Town has recently brought out the first ever electric MyCity Bus making our commute to work less impacting on our environment.

5) Make use of energy efficient light bulbs
LED light bulbs can cost more but they have a longer lifespan and they reduce your electricity consumption and carbon footprint. By changing your light bulbs in your home and office it is a small step to making a big change in the world.