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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some help getting started? Below is a list of frequently asked questions, if you are still having some trouble or simply want to speak to a consultant, contact us today!

How do I get in touch with GreenFin?

We have a dedicated team of administrators, consultants and advisers, waiting to assist you via email, telephone and online chat.

Tel: 086 1000 808

For directions, click here, or visit our contact page and send us a message. Chatbot widgets for this website are located in the bottom-right of your browser window.

What is the maximum loan amount that I can request?

GreenFin provides finance for amounts up to R 15,000.00.

What interest rate does GreenFin charge?

Interest rates vary depending on the applicant’s credit profile and can only be provided once we have assessed his or her application. On average our rates are very competitive compared to the rest of the credit lending industry.

What is the longest loan repayment term that I can apply for?

GreenFin offers repayment terms up to 6 months, and we can structure a repayment plan to suit your unique affordability needs.

How long does the application process take?

We can approve your application within an hour and pay your supplier within 24 hours, provided we receive all the required documentation.

Can a loan be paid up sooner?

Yes. Loans can be settled any time before the end of the loan term on request of an early settlement quote. GreenFin does not charge early settlement penalties.

Can I make additional payments and how will they affect my account?

Yes. Additional payments will be allocated towards your principle debt. This will result in you paying off your outstanding loan much faster and reduce the total amount of interest payable over the term.

Can I use any Supplier?

Yes. Should you not have a preferred supplier yet, please choose from the list of preferred suppliers with whom we have worked with before.